Monday, June 11, 2012

sights and sounds at Smiling Tree come to life

With a home-based business run primarily online, we don't often get the chance to personally interact with our customers.  Sure we have some great chats via e-mail, and we love getting to 'virtually' know the families who are making Smiling Tree Toys a part of their homes.  But we're a sociable, happy-go-lucky couple and we love to meet new people. So not getting to meet you face-to-face is disappointing for us.

We dream of some day turning our picturesque red barn into the new home of Smiling Tree Toys, complete with an inviting, attached side room for displaying and selling our toys, hosting visitors, getting to know people like you over cups of hot tea or lemonade.

We're confident that day will come.  But in the mean time, we're excited to offer you the chance to get to know us just a little better.  You've seen lots of photos of our toys, our home, and our family.  But seeing and hearing us in action is an even better way to connect with the artisans behind your organic, heirloom wooden toys.

Thanks to a Minneapolis TV station that recently featuring our family business, we can share a short clip with you about Smiling Tree and our homegrown organic camelina oil finish.  (More about Omega Maiden, our family farm's camelina oil business, in a later post.)

Check it out!  (And sorry about the 10-second ad at the beginning...)


  1. I just watched this clip! It made me smile and miss MN. So sweet! hugs from England!

  2. What a great piece of PR for you! My 5yo son and I just watched your video, and it was really well done. We love your toys! Where were you in the peace corps? I was in Niger in 2001 and again in '03.


  3. Wow - we were in Niger as well! We served together as a married couple from 2008-2010 in the Tahoua region. It was incredible, so incredible.... What region were you in? Kina jin Hausa? ko Zarma? ;)

    So happy to hear from you!